Friday, December 2, 2011

Get a chance to try luxury skincare for FREE

Have you ever try SK-II skincare product? Do you want to try the widely advertise over the TV commercial SK-II Pitera Essence? Well, here's your chance to try it for FREE........

Look at this luxury skincare trial pack below:

It's very pretty and nice, isn't it?

I love it - not just the content, even the packing is attracting my attention. This trial box cost S$99.

However, if you visit Luxury Haven lastest blog post here,
then you would get a chance to try this at no cost. Follow the instruction stated clearly in the post and you would get a chance to try this luxury skincare for free. Come on, join the bandwagon.


Blackswan said...

Thanks for sharing such a great post! Good luck, dear!

deli simplicity said...

Thanks, hope can be lucky. :)

Admin said...

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Thanks for share,
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